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First/second/third world terminology refers to whether or not a country was allied with the US during the Cold War. First world = allied; second world = opposed; third world = neutral

It literally has nothing to do with how “developed” a country is

These terms are outdated and we need to stop using them

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Chrome Sparks - Marijuana


Light up a blunt and lay back.

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when i was

a fuckboy

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the war on drugs is one of the stupidest things that’s ever happened to this country, partly because despite all the deeply negative side effects it’s had, there’s no real way to admonish it without coming across as a strong supporter of illicit drug use 

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Anonymous asked: Thoughts on Malala winning?








conclusion: Malala is amazing and Western civilization has yet again proven to be hypercritical ignorant uncompromising and evil. how very fitting for columbus day.

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Pumpkin carving game strong


Pumpkin carving game strong

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i want children to grow up learning that the internet is a hugely important and useful tool for communication/education but the question of how to shelter them from all the bad stuff (of which there is always more – hate speech, pornography, etc) is like hella fraught man

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Anonymous asked: Hashtag computer chair activism



Hashtag “I don’t understand the way mass media works and how powerful the internet can be for education and activism”.

Hashtag Anon should shut up ‘cos it’s pretty god damn obvious that talking about things on the Internet is doing something and is doing a lot more than whatever the hell Anon is trying to do.

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hey good news, this horrific independent game that co-opts language and methods used by mass shooters exists and was announced mere days after Anita Sarkeesian had to cancel her USU talk because of MASS SHOOTING THREATS!!!!

oh and PS the ceo of the game’s development studio is anti-islamist and probably a neo-nazi. love it.

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Fact: Bisexuals love yarn. They are like cats in this regard and are easily distracted by it and will weave things with it. They’re very good weavers.

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all my friends are v cute. if ur my friend youre automatically cute sorry i dont make the rules 

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dimittas asked: Anita Sarkeesian (female) sent many death threats to herself. But she isnt a video gamer, so your point still might be a valid.





You are literally too stupid to insult.

Translation: I can’t disprove that so you’re stupid.

I can’t disprove that unicorns are real, but that doesn’t make them exist. I know I shouldn’t feed the trolls, but hell, I’ve got a bit of time to kill.

Gamergate is a hate movement that started with a jilted ex of a game dev accusing her of sleeping with a journalist for a good review, when said journalist never reviewed the game in question at all.

Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu have been driven from their homes by death threats and harassment. #Gamergate as a whole has been revealed as a concentrated, concerted effort to harass Zoe Quinn by the aforementioned jilted ex.

And over what? Feminism in video game journalism? Less than half a percent of articles written about video games contain explicit references to sexism, misogyny, or feminism. Every major art form is analyzed in sociopolitical lights. Every major everything is analyzed that way. It’s what criticism is. Feminist criticism is an accepted academic method of analyzing media that has been in use since the late 1700s.

Even if it wasn’t, these people are essentially getting angry about discussions about women having more egalitarian portrayals in games. That’s literally it. Their biggest rallying cry is that men who play games are being shoved into the margins despite being gaming’s core target demographic. Except they fail to notice that adult women are the largest demographic in gaming, and even if they weren’t, it’s not oppressive to be asked to maybe not use women as sex objects in games. It’s not oppressive for some things not to be about men and their entertainment.

The threats made against Sarkeesian are credible, and the FBI agrees with me on that one. She isn’t the only one to receive credible death and rape threats recently (or in the past) and she won’t be the last.

I suspect you’re not the type who actually cares about facts, however. I suspect you’re one of the people who urge us to “look at both sides” of the issue, but honestly? When one side sends death, rape, and bomb threats, and the other wants women not to be treated as shitty by the gaming industry as they are, that’s not a debate I’m willing to have.

By the way, humanism is the belief that people have the ability to act ethically without the assistance of theism or supernatural belief. If you want a belief system that’s about ensuring men and women have equal rights and opportunities, that’s feminism.


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